The Official Soundtrack for RUINSMAGUS Is Now Available!


Hey there Magi!

Since we revealed RUINSMAGUS, fans have been asking us to release a soundtrack. We are proud to say that those requests have finally been answered, with the official RUINSMAGUS soundtrack! It is currently available on Steam.

The soundtrack contains 16 full music tracks and 3 iconic sounds from the game. The soundtrack retails for $4.99.

Track List

  1. RUINSMAGUS (Promotion Version)
  2. Main Menu Theme
  3. Reese’s Plaza
  4. The Start of an Adventure
  5. Exploring the Mystery of the Ruins
  6. Battle in the Ruins
  7. vs. Rogue
  8. The Adventure Continues
  9. Schwantznagel’s Theme
  10. Afternoon in Grand Amnis
  11. Lovely Town at Night
  12. RUINSMAGUS (Reprise)
  13. The Final Battle
  14. Bacchus’ Return
  15. Bacchus’ Plight
  16. Start
  17. Defeat
  18. Result Screen