“Let’s start a Journey! To our tomorrow!”

As a member of the renowned RUINSMAGUS Guild, your goal is to help strengthen it with magic, resources – and wisdom! – as you embark on more than 25 unique, story-driven quests. Face off against guardians tasked with protecting the ruins from intruders – and solve the deadly puzzles hidden within. When you’ve succeeded, head to the surface to acquire new items and upgrade your equipment in town – if you want to live another day, that is!

Original Release Date: July 7th, 2022
Genre: VR Action Adventure
Number of Players: 1

Kemono and Chibi

Set out on a journey to restore life to a ruined civilization with Kemono and Chibi! The unlikely pair can use their rejuvenation powers to bring back plants and energy to a decayed city. Help them remove the pollution using their combined force. Will you be able to restore life to the city before it’s too late?

Number of Players:1(Single Player)
Initial Release: July 10th 2023
Platforms:AppLab(Download only)
Price: Free
Genre : Action Adventure
Supported Languages:Japanese, English
Planner, Creative Director: DEJIMA Daisuke


This case takes place in another reality.
5-player simultaneous full-fledged VR Murder Mystery Game MYSPERYENCE

MYSPERYENCE is a coined word that combines the words MYSTERY and EXPERIENCE, and is a VR Murder Mystery game that is played simultaneously by multiple players from the Character Bank. Players dive into the crime scene to “relive” the actions of the characters and gather information such as what the characters were doing at the crime scene and what conversations they were having. If the players can find the murderer by discussing with each other based on this information, they win the game. Conversely, the player who “relives” the culprit wins if he or she is not revealed to be the culprit.

Please enjoy the world of “MYSPERYENCE” where truth and lies are mixed together!

Original Release Date: April 4th, 2022
Genre: VR Murder Mystery
Number of Players: Up to 4 (Online supported)


Your words and your magic will change the world. ANSUZ is a VR werewolf game in which players are divided into two forces.

Good and evil roles are randomly assigned to the 4 players. If you are good, try to find the evil, and if you are evil, try to avoid being found by the good. Use your own words to skillfully argue for victory. When good wins, it will bring peace to the world; when evil wins, it will bring ruin to the world… ANSUZ is a table talk game played in VR.

Anima and Moon look for and nominate a beaster. Beaster must lie to Anima and Moon so that they don’t find him. Loki must stir the pot and change the course of the game!

Original Release Date: February 5th, 2021
Genre: VR Social
Number of Players: Up to 4 (Online)