RUINSMAGUS Now Available on Pico Stores!

Kyoto, Japan – CharacterBank Inc., in coordination with Mastiff LLC have announced that RUINSMAGUS, a VR Action JRPG title has been released on the PICO Store on October 6th, 2002.


As a member of the renowned RUINSMAGUS Guild, your goal is to help strengthen it with magic, resources – and wisdom! – as you embark on more than 25 unique, story-driven quests. Face off against guardians tasked with protecting the ruins from intruders – and solve the deadly puzzles hidden within. When you’ve succeeded, head to the surface to acquire new items and upgrade your equipment in town – if you want to live another day, that is!

Now Available on the PICO Store!

RUINSMAGUS is now available on the “PICO Store” provided by PICO, a VR device manufacturer. The graphic quality of RUINSMAGUS is the same as that of the PCVR version.

  • The downloadable content that was announced on September 9th will also be available on the Pico Store! Please stay tuned for more information.

■PICO Supports Additional Languages

  • The PICO version of RUINSMAGUS supports additional written languages.

  • ▼Supported Languages


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