Kemono and Chibi is Now Available!

July 10th, 2023

Today CharacterBank is excited to release Kemono and Chibi. This experimental title was developed by our staff after wrapping up the design development of RUINSMAGUS. Kemono and Chibi is now available for free on the App Lab Store! In the game, you control both Kemono and Chibi as you attempt to rejuvenate an ancient city plagued by pollution.

Here is the store description:

Set out on a journey to restore life to a ruined civilization with Kemono and Chibi! The unlikely pair can use their rejuvenation powers to bring back plants and energy to a decayed city. Help them remove the pollution using their combined force. Will you be able to restore life to the city before it’s too late?


Kemono and Chibi is an experimental experience, so I hope you take a moment to check it out and let us know what you think. We aren’t committed to updating it regularly, but we wanted to invite players to this rich world that we designed. You can discuss this game in our Discord

Title:Kemono and Chibi

Number of Players:1(Single Player)

Initial Release: July 10th 2023

Platforms:AppLab(Download only)

Price: Free

Genre : Action Adventure

Supported Languages:Japanese, English

Planner, Creative Director: DEJIMA Daisuke

1.0.1 Update

July 12th, 2023

Added a prompt to update the settings at initial startup and will attempt to set the language based on the device’s language.

・Fixed a bug that prevented some sound effects from playing.