This case takes place in another reality.

5-player simultaneous full-fledged VR Murder Mystery Game

MYSPERYENCE is a coined word that combines the words MYSTERY and EXPERIENCE, and is a VR Murder Mystery game that is played simultaneously by multiple players.

Players dive into the crime scene to “relive” the actions of the characters and gather information such as what the characters were doing at the crime scene and what conversations they were having.
If the players can find the murderer by discussing with each other based on this information, they win the game.

Conversely, the player who “relives” the culprit wins if he or she is not revealed to be the culprit.

Please enjoy the world of “MYSPERENCE” where truth and lies are mixed together!

It will take an average of 90 minutes to complete MYSPERYENCE.

Players can decide in advance which character they will relive, but please note that they do not know who the culprit character is at that point.

*Please note that this game cannot be played more than once because once you play it, you will know important information such as the culprit. Therefore, please note that after the game is cleared, a new game mode will be opened in which you will be matched with other players who have already played the game, and you will not be able to play with players who have not yet played the game.
*Please refrain from distributing your play on social networking sites and video sites, as spoilers and other information will seriously spoil your enjoyment of the game.

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